Project Info

What's This About?
I'm going to write one story per day for 197 days, based on completely random prompts given to me by other people. Over the six and a half months this project is active, I will be accepting prompts. And every day, one drabble will be posted.

But Why?
The purpose of this experiment is to test and better myself in various fields. Not just the writing, but the commitment is an issue I've always had. I don't expect to kick story writing ass and I certainly don't expect to be praised for how good it is.  But I want to grow, and more to the point, I want to be able to map the growth through a creative process.
Also, it's for Uni.

A Drabble? Aren't they really short?
Drabbles by their original definition are exactly 100 words or less. As time has passed, this has loosened somewhat to the extent of 500 words. The purpose is to make the reader feel something with a short amount of time. It's important to note that I'm not setting myself a limit on the word count. The purpose isn't to adhere to those kind to requirements. The point is to flow creatively with little to no distractions.

What kind of Prompts?
These are things in which inspiration for a drabble is going to come from. It can be anything - a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a name, a song, a picture - anything. You can even tell me to get fucked if you want to; I'll write a little something about that too.

Will these drabbles intertwine?
Possibly. It's likely that some will, and some will remain oneshots.

Original or canon characters?
I will try my very best to remain in an original world. Meaning canon characters - characters that are established by a fandom or franchise - will not appear. But if someone gives me a prompt like "Marian Hawke goes to the Hanged Man pub and talks to Isabela." I'll probably saddle into the world of fan fiction and go with it.

How can I Help?
Submit a prompt through the site's formspring account: here. I'm asking for people to prompt anonymously, because that way there's no predetermined information between us. Note: You'll have to make a formspring account to do so. Unfortunately, there's no way around that.

So really, by sending me prompts you're doing me a huge favour. And I thank you for that.