Thursday, May 9, 2013

25. Murmur.

It was one of those nights. He had dropped by after finishing work and she didn't feel like studying. Especially not when he was there to distract her. They ended up curling up together on the couch underneath a blanket, the TV playing quietly in the background. At one point she turned around, pressing herself against him and tangling their legs together. He threaded his arm around her neck and despite the small space, he was completely comfortable idly watching the TV while she seemingly slept against him.

Eventually his eyes closed too, and he thought that at any moment he'd probably end up falling asleep with her. But his eye twitched, his eyebrows furrowing suddenly.

Her lips had moved against the skin of his arm. He could feel it. But despite that, no sound flowed to his ears. Either she didn't vocalise what she wanted to, or it was so quiet he couldn't have heard it. A sigh followed shortly after, her breath tickling the hairs on his skin. And her lips pressed against his skin in a kiss to tie it all off.

"You alright?" He asked quietly. He was being cautious.

"Hn?" The sound passed through her lips in a daze, jolting her back into reality.

"I just thought you said something." He admitted, opening his eyes again and glancing towards her.

"Did I?" She asked; a hitch in her usual joking demeanour. He felt a little bad then, like he'd caught her out doing something she shouldn't have.

"I guess not." He replied finally, running his hand along her arm and closing his eyes again. He knew when to leave the issue be. Besides, it wasn't like it was important anyway.

Months later, when the couple were even more secure in their relationship, she told him it was the first time she had said she loved him.

And true to form, he jokingly argued that she never actually said it.

Word Count: 324

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