Monday, May 13, 2013

29. last dance

The orchestral music swirled to its crescendo, the loud crashing of the cymbals rounding off the upbeat tempo to perfection. Couples separated, nodding to each other in acknowledgment and for the most part they ignore the instrumentalists that were nothing more than loud furniture in their eyes. High society parties; where they care for the music, just not the musicians.

A younger Calliope Gallo - thirteen at this time - locks eyes with a familiar companion, a year her senior. Chester's lips turn into something of a signature grin and he offers a quick tilt of his head. Calliope presses her lips together to stop the smile from forming before she makes her way over to him and says; "I've been looking for you ever since they played the Danube..."

"I got caught up." With the Chevalier twins, she figures. But she doesn't say anything.

Instead, she laughs; "Eric says he's too tired. He's not as good on his feet as you are." Callie rests her hands behind her back, her fingers idly playing against each other for comfort.

"Are you asking me to dance with you? Again?" Chester denotes, raising his eyebrow. Callie shakes her head, stepping back with a bounce to her step.

"Nope." She replies, offering a smile as she turns and walks away. Eventually his fingers circle around her arm and somewhat graciously, he forces her to turn around.

"You're not a very good liar. You know that, right?" He asks, which causes her cheeks to flush slightly. Caught.

"I... Wasn't lying. I was insinuating."

"That's a big word." Chester shot out, coupling the potential insult with a laugh as he lifted her hand in his own. His other hand rests in the small of her back and - leader that he was - he leads the dance. "Your family are going away for the summer again, aren't they? Every year you do."

"Do you end up missing me?" Callie asks, not seriously. Chester scoffs, but then shrugs.

"Maybe." Chester's hold around her waist grows a little tighter as he pulls her inward. Callie's eyes are turned out towards their hands; after all, it's a waltz in front of a lot of judging eyes. He leans closer slightly, whispering; "How mad would you be if I let you go right now?"

"Don't. You. Dare." Calliope replies through her teeth, sliding her gaze towards him just in time to catch an incredibly amused smirk on his face.

"I wouldn't. I promise." He reassures, but she continues to watch him, "I swear."

"Good. Otherwise next time I'll just stick with Eric," She teases, "Or maybe Niko and his two left feet."

"Then you'd end up missing me."

...He had a point. A very valid point. So Calliope remained quiet and let the silence that befell them be enveloped in the music that surrounded. An inward smile remains printed on her lips the whole time; being able to let go and feel the different harmonies to the melody with someone she genuinely trusted was one of the best things in the world. For a thirteen year old obsessed with dancing, at least. Finding a worthwhile partner who was also such a good friend seemed to allow everything else to just... Make sense. She didn't know if it actually did make sense to anyone but her. Maybe that was all that mattered. Soon enough the song was over.

And they, like all other couples around them separated, nodding to each other in acknowledgment.

"Can't wait to hear about your trip." His words are naturally genuine, and he smiles towards her. Callie smiles back idly and turns her attention else where.

It wasn't like she knew he would come back so... Different.

"I'll call you, okay?" He says, and she nods. Callie tucks the idle strands of blonde behind her ear and watches as he walks away again. It was the last time she could recall doing that with him. Dancing. He seemed to stop dancing or even talking with her at these family events once the summer had come and gone. Callie wasn't sure why.

But she heard he met someone.

Word Count: 691

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