Sunday, May 19, 2013

35. in infinite space

“Quickly, Rosalind!” Robert shouted. He rarely shouted. It was important.

“There’s no time, brother!” She called back, but still she ran after him.

“There’s always time!” It was life or death, and he was choosing life.

The tear was in sight. Even from a distance, they could clearly see the break in the dimension that showed their laboratory. The sleek metallic lines of the contraption - their prized possession - emitted the usual eerie blue light that she had always found more comforting than not. But there was something about it that caught the Lutece pair off guard. With each second, the world they investigated shifted and shattered as if being shaken by man’s hands.

A figure in shadows crossed their brief line of sight and Robert took off, breaking away from his sister to cross the remaining distance. There he stood at the shrinking tear and peered out.

“Fink?” She heard him call out, “What the hell are you doing? Don’t toy with that!”

Another shake, and the tear shortened again. Rosalind finally caught Robert’s hand. With the damage done, there was only a matter of time. Fink made his escape.

“Get back, quickly!”

“Brother, what are you-” She gripped his arm firmly. His fingers curled around her hand as best they could.

“Shut up, Rosalind! Go!” He ordered, but her fingers dug around his sleeve tighter. “It’s too unstable for two people. Surely you can see that!”

The tear shortened again. Robert forced her forward, pushing her through the short break. Between dimensions, they clung to each other. Or rather, she clung to him.

“I won’t see you lost, brother!”

“Rosalind.” He warned, though his strength was fading. Before her eyes, he was fading. Her free hand wandered through the tear space, resting against his cheek. Severity colored her eyes when she caught his gaze.

“I’d rather be trapped in infinite space than live this world without you.”

With a moment to spare, he hooked his hand to her forearm. The tear’s field wavered with instability, but by her conviction he pulled her back through. She breathed an inevitable sigh as the door to the world they let behind closed. The machine itself collapsed in its destruction.

But… They were not dead.

Rosalind folded her arms and pressing her hands into her sides. She added pressure. She hugged herself tightly. Was she there?

He was standing there. Before her. And he was laughing in disbelief.

They theorized; They were separated into millions of particles. No, not particles. Atoms. Intertwined with each other for eternity.
Word Count: 435

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