Wednesday, May 22, 2013

38. first hello

"I never thought I'd be a mom. Let alone a good one." She admitted, breathing a relieved sigh as the information left her shoulders. Her eyes widened a touch as a stint of realisation flooded her senses. "I mean, I don't even really know if I am a good mom. I'm know I haven't done anything wrong, but it feels kind of weird to say I know I'm good at something like this." She paused, and in her own nervousness, she offered a short, light chuckle. She lowered her head, blonde curls cascading across either shoulder before she looked up again, flicking the idle strands away in the motion.

"But she- she's a good mom," She started with a small nod, "Actually, she's a great mom. She's... Well, you'd know her best, right? So at least you know you'll always have one." She allowed her voice to trail away, her blue eyes glancing across the small features of the child resting in her arms against her lap. Given her initial belief that she didn't want children, she was surprised at how difficult it was to let her go, or to even look away from her. Her features softened at the slightest sound or move the baby made. "Maybe..." She began, sinking her teeth into her bottom lip in another pause.

"Maybe I won't be so bad at this." She nodded along to the words, offering a smile to the baby she already cared so much about. "And maybe..." She crinkled her brow to make a different face for the baby to laugh at; "-Maybe you are what I wanted."
Word Count: 269

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