Monday, May 27, 2013

43. confiding in you

This girl - her niece, no less - poured her heart out to her. She stood in front of her, tears catching in her eyes and refusing to let them fall. The moral of the story was that she had somehow found the desire and strength to kiss her best friend at midnight. And despite all that confusion, they were in some form of secret relationship.No one expects me to date, let alone date another girl, y'know? I'm the youngest of everyone... They can't help but see me as a baby. I just... I can't tell them.” She signed the speech off with an overly empathic; So... Please.

Please don’t tell anyone.

She listened to it all. There wasn't much else to do in that moment. She knew there was an overbearing fear of dis-ownership when it came to explaining this to parents. They could be the most accepting parents in the world, but that wouldn’t do anything to dull the paranoid fear that the mere possibility brought up. And she knew her parents, and knew that they would be supportive. But words like that wouldn’t mean anything to the terrified girl in front of her at this point.

“First of all. You are brave.” She reached over, pressing her hand to her niece's face lightly and stroking a tear from her cheek. “To kiss anyone at midnight when you have no ideal how they feel about you? That’s super brave.” She offered a slight smile, trying to give a little reassurance as she moved her hand to rest it on the teenager’s shoulder. “Secondly, unfortunately, you are always going to be the baby. To your siblings, and probably your parents. But to me? You’re way too awesome for that. Keeping such a big secret from everyone for so long? Babies can’t do that.”

She raised her hand from her niece's shoulder, nodding her head to the sentiment of it all; “So I won’t. I won’t tell anyone. I promise.
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