Thursday, June 6, 2013

53. enough is enough

"Stop!" He shouted. But his brother pushed against him anyway, causing him to stumble through his footing and thankfully, stay standing, "I said stop!"

He laughed; "Why?"

"Because - god - you always do this!"

"And you never complain!" He shot out, reaching out to try pushing him again. His brother pressed his hands against those coming towards him, interlocking their fingers and countering the pressure with the weight behind his foot.

"Well, I'm complaining!"

"Oh, I get it!" It was as if things clicked in his head and he compensated by pushing back.

"Ugh, it's not a game!" He shouted. But he couldn't back away for fear that he might actually fall over. "Let go and back the hell off."

"No way!" He was still laughing, even as he lifted a foot and swiped his brother's legs out from underneath him. Finally he fell. And he stood over him, chuckling with his hands resting firmly on his hips. "What now?"

His eyes darkened underneath the pressure of another failure. He dragged himself to his feet, pushed back on his heels and launched forward, circling his arms around his brother's waist and tackling him into the dirt.
Word Count: 197

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