Saturday, June 15, 2013

62. Nerves


He shot up, glancing across the line. The chair at his side was empty now. Was he supposed to move up a space? No, that didn't make sense. He stayed put. Even as the person to his other side watched him curiously.

He fiddled with the tie around his neck, shifting the knot around as if somehow it wasn't center. It was when he checked it in the bathroom, but that was all but ten minutes ago.

His fingers ran along the line of his hair, ensuring it remained neat. Or did it just get worse? He raised his phone, using the darkened glass to see his refection.

Okay, it looked okay.

But he'd been still. Or relatively so. His fingers drummed on the cover of his folder. The casing was blue. He stared at it, knowing he should have picked black instead. Black was more neutral. More... Professional, or something. It felt more professional because it lacked personality.


He swallowed harshly, cringing before painting a smile on his features instead. He stood up. He'd be fine.

At least, he kept telling himself that as he walked.
Word Count: 189

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