Friday, June 28, 2013

75. Paint the town

Another year at school. Two years abroad was bad enough. Three? Nah, not keen. When she was stuck in a bloody office with the dude who reads minds, Lucy was doing her best to keep her cool. Of course, that didn't work for her. Rage was an Australian's best friend, y'know? And what better way to take out such crappy news than to pay a visit to the one friend she'd managed to handle and keep during the year that they'd known each other.

With a quick knock, Lucy realised the common room door was unlocked. And so she walked in, scoping the place out. There wasn't a shit-tonne of loud music blaring, so chances were Sawyer wasn't even around. Each room was knocked on, and no one answered.

She ducked out, reappearing moments later with two large paint cants. She stared at them for a moment or two, shook her head and disappeared again, only to reenter the room with two more. Red, orange, purple and a bright, bright pink for Sawyer. Yeah, she'd like that. A little redecorating maybe? Lucy tried not to laugh to herself as she swung by the common room door and locked it behind her. Then she got to work. Lucy lifted the orange paint can's lid off, staring into it and watching it swirl around. She dropped two fingers into the paint, drawing them across her cheeks. Oh yeah, it was on.

In a swift motion - and without a second thought - she tossed a large amount across the floor and up the wall, allowing it to spiral out and around the big ass canvas room. Tearing her boots off, she slid across the line, accentuating the splash from her feet across the room. She continued on, messing around with the two more colours until the room was sufficiently, well, wrecked.

She wiped her hands on her tank top and skinny jeans, staining them further in a myriad of colours as she whipped out her phone and sent a quick text to Sawyer; Hey, you like pink, right?

Word Count: 346

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