Wednesday, July 3, 2013

80. Quarantine

She was stuck in quarantine. Ever since then, it'd felt like forever since they'd been together. They'd seen each other, but that was about it. She couldn't even risk putting a mask on and stepping inside. Not with something this potentially serious.

With a sigh, she rounded the corner to the quarantined patient rooms where - for now - her wife was on her own. She made her way up to the glass window, resting her forehead against it and watching her move around, either annoyed by the pain of what she had or annoyed by the fact that she had to stay in a room like that. She frowned at the thought that she was physically unable to set foot inside there. She honestly wouldn't have minded being sick. She wished she was. It would have meant that they could at least be together.

"Hey, you." She said lightly, tapping the glass on the window with a hand. She didn't know what she was supposed to say, or what she could do to help, so she simply pressed her hand against the glass.

Bedridden as her wife may be, she still shifted on the bed and moved to stand, leaning against her IV pole and dragging it along with her to meet the glass. She pressed her hand against the other, and despite the glass between them, there was some comfort in that; "Hey."
Word Count: 235

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