Sunday, April 14, 2013

1: He hasn't called since

With a sigh, the corner of his mouth tugged into a knowing frown - he pursed his lips shortly afterwards to hide the evidence of ill feeling. The phone on the nearby table had finally stopped ringing. The chase was over. A flicker on the screen; a message after the call. He could have checked. He fell back onto the bed instead.

The door rattled on its hinges and he jolted up to sit again. Shit, did he fall asleep?

"I know you're in there!" Called a voice, from the other side of the hardwood door. He rolled to the side, scooping up the electronic device and pressing a button to lighten the screen. Missed calls. He must have been asleep not to notice that many calls. He ran his free hand slowly over his face, twitching at the sound as a fist collided with the door again.

"Pick up your god damn phone!" The voice tried, and he thought about answering it before he conceded to rolling back on his side and shutting his eyes tightly. "Please." At least the insistent knocking had stopped. Save for a single hit; weaker sounding than the last. "We just wanna know that you're not dead too."
Word Count: 204

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