Friday, April 26, 2013

12. Marriage

"You can't marry her!" He called out, throwing his hand in a flourish as he turned to walk away from his brother.

"Oh really!" The other man threw his head back in a laugh, taking a fast step to catch him. His fingers curled around his brother's arm, spinning him around with force. He was met with a distasteful glare. "Why not?"

"Because I love her!"

Again, he laughed. He spat the sound. "So?" Letting his arm go, he pressed his hand to his brother's chest and pushed him back. The force alone caused him to stumble; "So do I!"

"Don't you get it!?" He asked , running his hand over his face with a grimace. "She's mine!"


He breathed the words with heavy envy; "She. Belongs. To me."
Word Count: 129

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