Saturday, April 27, 2013

13. dancing with myse-elf

Rosalind thought she heard it. And when she ventured into the sitting room, it proved to be true.

Music. And a man by a phonograph.

Rosalind didn’t venture in just yet. She chose to lean against the doorway and watch. Robert had cleared the furniture to the edge of the space and was moving about. No, not moving. He was dancing alone. His hand around an invisible waist - his arm clasping the edge of his own tie up in the air. When he turned in her direction she froze in her place.

Then she realised that his eyes were closed.

And he was humming the tune through his lips beautifully in time with the slightly crackling melody that flowed through the device. She was still getting used to his company, even more now that he was healing frequently. But living with another person was something of a new experience for her. After a while, Rosalind pushed off the door frame, moving to turn in a heel with the intent on leaving him alone.

But in that second, his fingers curled around her wrist. And in the next, he’d turned her gracefully to stand before him. His hand slid around her waist, resting in the small of her back. And his fingers took hold of hers as he raised her hand slightly. The movement was swift and utterly flawless - he didn’t miss a beat.
Rosalind was quick to follow.

“Ah. So dancing is a constant skill.” His mouth curled into a satisfied grin as he pulled her closer, pressing their bodies together as the dance so required. “I’m grateful. This could have gotten incredibly awkward if you hadn’t fallen into time.”

“You should be more grateful that I let you lead.” She chided playfully.

He lowered his head in a laugh. “Leading a dance is not a position I’d give up lightly.”

“Fine. But next time, I’ll lead.” She conceded, flicking her gaze to the side, “As… An experiment.”

Robert had to purse his lips to stop himself from laughing. He breathed in and out, as if conceding for himself in that sigh.

“As you wish.”
Word Count: 363

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