Tuesday, April 23, 2013

9. Scared

Even with the company of her seemingly long-lost brother, Rosalind would never admit to the emotion.

She was alone for years. Even when she was a girl in the proximity of her parents, she was still alone. Though as she grew, she preferred to say she was on her own. The word ‘alone’, as she would argue, represented a longing for the company of another. It was an emotion she didn’t feel. And so, she was on her own for years. She had no real connection to her parents. She had no real connection to people. She had no friends as a girl. But she was truthfully content.

Rosalind grew to love physics. She excelled in her schooling and grew to become a physicist. Her work was her companion, as she denoted it was as time consuming as the company of another person. Her mother once said she was married to her studies and work, and that no man would ever find the means to love her. Rosalind argued that breakthroughs and theories were much more satisfying. She lost touch with her parents, and was content with that.

But she found an equal. A man as smart and dedicated as she was. Robert was a physicist. His views both mirrored and argued her own. He challenged her from a forced distance, and they communicated as often as possible. It became a daily ritual to speak to another human being.

One day, he didn’t answer.

Another day went by, and still he didn’t answer.

Rosalind worried. She wasn’t used to the emotion. When a third day went by, she felt it. That she had somehow lost touch with Robert. The thought alone induced panic. And she waited for hours on end to hear from him. Her rational mind told her to give up on it all and leave the situation be. Her emotions, for once in her life, overpowered her. She waited.

And she was repaid.

“Were you scared?” He had asked, slight amusement in his tone.

“Hardly.” She lied. And it was easy, as he had never seen her face. If he had, he would have spotted how much she worried in an instant.
Word Count: 368

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