Wednesday, May 1, 2013

17. simply friendship

On a nearby bench her arms curled around her knees, pulling them closer - if that were possible. She pulled her sleeves down, running them along the line underneath her eyes. She rolled the dampened cloth back up her arm again.

Footsteps turned her head, her gaze connecting with the eyes of another. A friend.

"Hey." She said simply to the girl on the bench who was clearly crying. She sat down next to her with a sigh, choosing not to look over.

After a moment, she responded with a cracked; "Hi."

"You okay?" She asked, glancing across at the other girl finally. She was keeping to herself; held together in a ball by her own arms.

"Yup." Another short response to offset the break in her voice. Her friend watched with concern and mild curiosity.

"Thought so." She reasoned, leaning her back against the wall with another quiet sigh. And she waited, content to sit on the off chance she might need something more.
Word Count: 165

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