Thursday, May 2, 2013

18. starlight

"See that one there? It means you're going to have a pretty serious change in your life soon." He began, raising his hand up and drawing the lines between the star sign above with his finger. It took some squinting, but she was pretty sure she could see it. "Someone's going to come along and be a big part of that."

All she did was laugh at first, nudging his arm with her shoulder and keeping her gaze on the myriad of bright lights. "Really."

"The stars are rarely ever wrong." He chimed in, raising his eyebrows to her scrutiny.

"Does it really say that?" Scepticism coloured her features along with the words. "You could easily be lying."

A crack in the demeanour; the corner of his mouth curled into a knowing smile; "...You'll just have to trust me."
Word Count: 139

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