Monday, June 10, 2013

57. common denominator

"It's not worth fighting over." He pointed out, though his voice sounded a little harsher than he thought it would. "It's her choice. If she wants to do this, we can't stop her."

"Yes, we can." She replied with a laugh, as if his suggestion was so absurd it was funny. "She's practically killing herself!"

"Well maybe she deserves-"


"-I don't mean that." He said quickly.

"Yes... You do." But he shook his head suddenly. A spur of the moment kind of conversation wasn't supposed to go that way. They were dealing with the same thing here. "We feel different about this. About her. I know that. But she's our freakin' sister, and she's dying. And if we don't do something, she probably will."

"You don't know that. Maybe it's not even our issue."

"You don't know that."
Word Count: 139

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