Tuesday, June 11, 2013

58. Drink

She watches from the corner of her eye as he sits beside her. He stares at her; "Well?"

"I'm ignoring you." She says flatly.

"If you answer, you're not ignoring me." He points out, offering a trademark grin when she finally looks across at him.


"You look nice."

She signals for the bartender; "Don't do that."

"What?" He asks. She rolls her eyes.

"I'm not interested." The bartender greets her. She orders a single malt scotch.

"I know," He reasons with a laugh, "I'm just saying. As a friend. Y'look... Nice."

She laughs and shakes her head; "I hate you." She breathes. But with a raise of her hand, she orders two instead of one.

"You love me."
Word Count: 119

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