Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3. She prefers green

"As opposed to... Which?" She mused. Prefering a colour with no basis as to why made little sense to her.

"What." He corrected. Until-


With a sigh and a quick thought, he caught on. "No - I believe you mean what."

"-What I said? Well, yes." Shift. She folds her arms. "I rarely speak without meaning it."

"No." He retorts.

Her eyebrows furrow in her confusion; offended. "Are you saying my words are meaningless?"

"Rarely. I meant she prefers the colour."

"She always wears blue." A worthwhile point.

"Indeed. But it's the only dress available." His lips press to stop a grin. "One could argue that if given the choice, she'd pick another colour."

"One, or you?" Her eyebrow raises.

"Me. Yes." Nod.

"And you propose green?"


She chuckles. "Why?"

"Because it's not blue. Nor is she."

"Ah." She averts her eyes. "I see what you mean."

Word Count: 149

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